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Two weeks ago, there was an annoying Skype bug, which was crashing the whole application. On a certain version of the application, whenever you type http://: or receive http://: the application was immediately becoming non-responding. Of course, when I told this to one of my colleagues, he immediately decided to test it on our Group conversation. I […]

As a person owning 10+ WordPress based websites I have my personal top 5 plugins collection, that I can’t live without. And by this I mean that they are really imrpoving the WP core functionality A LOT. Of course, these are my personal understandings and that’s why I would like to hear your opinion – Which are your […]

So, imagine that you need to share a document or just a few words, with someone really fast, easy and secure, without worrying that someone will read it… And imagine that it’s really important to do it in the next 15 mintues. Then let me introduce you to http://otr.to – a state of art, highly secure, […]

In order to be a successful systems engineer you need to know your infrastructure very well. There are plenty of tools nowadays, which will help you monitor and maintain your systems internally. However, in order to be sure that you provide maximum availability of your product, you need to see it as your customers. That’s […]

Recently, my beloved Lenovo Vibe Z’s screen died (not the original one, but the replacement that I bought after I broke my screen) and I decided it’s time to move on. As an IT guy I really like fast devices with Android. The Vibe Z was a perfect fit for me, because it has 2 […]

Hey folks, Today I’m going to review a few of my favorite tools that I use every day, and in my opinion these can be classified as must have for a regular daily work of a system administrator. All the software that we are going to look at this article is for Windows. mRemoteNG

here’s a lot of noise around the new Samsung phone – Galaxy S6 and their “edge” model. There are no two oppinions that the Galaxy series of Samsung are probably the Android phone with the most pieces sold in the world and there’s probably a reason for that. But I won’t talk about this or how […]

The art of Hacking nowadays
October 28, 2014

Hello folks, Me and my colleagues participated at a conferrence last weekend – to be accurate the date was 25.10.2014. The picture I’m sharing with you is part of the first talk – which started approximately at 9:30 a.m. which was a good start of the day, and a good lesson too!     Let’s leave […]

Haproxy is a loadbalancer, relatively easy to configure and administer . To not wonder like me why 4 apaches fail on  1000 users , I advise you to pay attention to the loadbalancer configuration and in particular ip_conntrack.   What is ip_conntrac? Kernel module that handles the tracking of the connection.